LiveWell offers a variety of FREE services for UW-Seattle students listed below.

Confidential Survivor Support & Advocacy

We provide a safe and confidential space to help students in identifying what they want or need after an incident of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or sexual harassment has occurred. We help students understand their rights and options, including what options they have for reporting both on campus and in the larger community, always with the understanding that it is up to the student to decide if they would like to report or not. Survivor Support and Advocacy will also support a student through a campus reporting process, acting as their advocate through any police and/or Title IX Judicial proceedings. The Confidential Advocate also can provide academic accommodations for students who may be experiencing academic impacts.

Student Care

Student Care focuses on a multi-dimensional approach to help a student navigate the University, understand their options, and create plans for staying engaged in the academic, living, and learning communities. The program also provides brief screening and assessment for students so that Student Care Staff can better understand the possible overlapping and co-occurring concerns that may be at play in a student’s experience.  We believe students are the experts in their own life, we focus on listening without judgment and empowering students to explore strategies that help them address possible concerns and challenges.

Suicide Intervention Program

The Suicide Intervention Program is designed to reduce the risk of self-harming behaviors by reaching out and connecting to students when incidents of concern are reported to the University. Our goal is to promote and foster a supportive and healthy environment for all students.

This program is not designed to intervene in an emergency. If a situation warrants an immediate response, individuals should contact 911 for emergent situations and an immediate response.

Peer Health Education

The Peer Health Education Program nurtures dialogue and engagement on a peer to peer level and within various campus communities to inspire and teach life-long awareness and action in cultivating health and well-being.

The Peer Health Education Program seeks to strengthen the accessibility and engagement of University of Washington students with health & wellness ­related resources, educational information, practices, and growth. Peer Health Educators are highly trained and supervised students who collaborate with each other to create, implement, and facilitate campus-wide workshops and events that nurture peer-to-peer dialogue and learning about holistic, life-long practices for optimal health and wellness.

Peer Health Educators are highly trained students who fulfill the mission and values of Peer Health Education through the following services to our campus community:

  1. Educational Workshops
  2. Intentional & Educational Programming
  3. Wellness Coaching