Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year Huskies! As your campus Peer Health Educators we want to support you in navigating conversations with friends about safety, comfort, and health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Enter this awesome campaign.

The images below are a part of our COVID-19 Conversations, Consent & Safety Awareness Campaign by yours truly. Spread these images in your student org, office, or dorm! We will release more throughout the quarter so check back for new images.

Ask each other what you need to feel comfortable during these times. Don’t make assumptions or let fear leave you in silence. Send a text or pick up the phone and ASK or SAY what you or your friend need to feel comfortable. Asking the tough questions and getting consent helps build trust and deepen your relationships. Here are some examples of how to do the asking and telling. We can do this Huskies!

For detailed information from UW about COVID-19 click here.

To learn more about the university’s mask guidelines, click here. Masks are required in all indoor locations, and outdoors where 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained.