Husky Gratitude Challenge – November 15-17

Where can you get a postcard and/or drop one off to be mailed Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday (November 15th-17th)?

Career & Internship Center 134 Mary Gates Hall 9 am – 5pm
Graduate School Communications, G1 suite 8 am -12 pm,
1-5 pm
The Daily 144 Communications 9:30 am – 4 pm
Engineering Student Engagement & Advising Office Loew 014 8 am – 5pm
UW Recreation IMA 6 am – 1030 pm
First Year Programs Office MGH 120 830 am – 430 pm
Commuter & Transfer Commons HUB 141 8 am – 5pm
UW Counseling Center (just outside the entrance) Schmitz Hall, 4th floor elevator lobby 8 am – 5pm
Disability Resources for Students 011 Mary Gates Hall 8:30 am – 5pm
ASUW Office: SHC & SARVA HUB 131 Open
LiveWell 109 Elm Hall 10 am – 3:30 pm
The Law School (Law students only) Gates Hall, 1st Floor outside room 133

Additional Locations on Specific days:

TUESDAY 15th Health Science Education Building: 12-4pm
Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center: 3-5pm
WEDNESDAY 16th Health Science Education Building: 3-5 pm
Odegaard Library: 3-5 pm
THURSDAY 17th Population Health: 12-4pm

What if I forget to drop-off my postcards during one of these days?

No problem! Bring it to us in LiveWell at 109 Elm Hall (Entrance on the south side near the bus station) and drop it in the postcard mailbox that is hanging outside of our door! (It’s labeled)

Some of the 2022 new designs (There are over 15 different designs spread between the locations!)

Why Gratitude Postcards?

Gratitude is an important emotional and mental health practice! Regularly taking the time to slow down, reflect on what we are grateful for, and express that gratitude strengthens and nurtures our emotional and mental well-being, while helping us be more resilient in the face of stress and suffering. Rituals, traditions, and practices of expressing gratitude and thanks can be seen in almost all cultures, religious and spiritual traditions, as well as many medicinal and healing traditions. Research has proven the positive impact practicing gratitude has on mental and physical illness and suffering.

This postcard was launched at our very first Gratitude Postcards event, circa November 2019.

How does it work?

Every month your campus Peer Health Educators design new postcards for you to use in expressing gratitude to those in your life. We physically mail your note of gratitude on the postcard of your choice anywhere in the world for FREE.

In our current excessively virtual world, letters offer a much needed break from screens and are a special way to reconnect with the people you care about.

Past Gratitude Postcards:

Additional Readings on the benefits of Gratitude: