November 13th, 2023: Monday 12-4pm HUB first floor

Pausing to write a note of appreciation, love, and gratitude to those who have made a positive impact on our lives improves our mental health and well-being.

Your Peer Health Educators bring the Husky Gratitude Challenge to you for the 4th year! Join us on the first floor of the HUB on Monday, November 13th between 12-4pm to pause, write some postcards to people you appreciate, and soak up the warm, positive feels that are fostered by expressing gratitude.

The postcard designs are different every year and designed by UW students. We mail them anywhere in the world for you for FREE!


Watch our instragram throughout the year to see the upcoming locations for this beloved event of gratitude postcards from your UW LiveWell Peer Health Educators!

2022-2023 designs

Why Gratitude Postcards?

Gratitude is an important emotional and mental health practice! Regularly taking the time to slow down, reflect on what we are grateful for, and express that gratitude strengthens and nurtures our emotional and mental well-being, while helping us be more resilient in the face of stress and suffering. Rituals, traditions, and practices of expressing gratitude and thanks can be seen in almost all cultures, religious and spiritual traditions, as well as many medicinal and healing traditions. Research has proven the positive impact practicing gratitude has on mental and physical illness and suffering.

This postcard was launched at our very first Gratitude Postcards event, circa November 2019.

How does it work?

Every month your campus Peer Health Educators design new postcards for you to use in expressing gratitude to those in your life. We physically mail your note of gratitude on the postcard of your choice anywhere in the world for FREE.

In our current excessively virtual world, letters offer a much needed break from screens and are a special way to reconnect with the people you care about.

Past Gratitude Postcards:

Additional Readings on the benefits of Gratitude: