The Peer Health Educators announce our 2nd Annual Sending Gratitude Around the World 2020 Event! We have designed our own unique postcards that we stamp and mail with your message for FREE. This is a limited program offered only during Fall Quarter.

Why Gratitude Postcards?

Gratitude is an important emotional and mental health practice! Regularly taking the time to slow down, reflect on what we are grateful for, and express that gratitude strengthens and nurtures our emotional and mental well-being, while helping us be more resilient in the face of stress and suffering. Rituals, traditions, and practices of expressing gratitude and thanks can be seen in almost all cultures, religious and spiritual traditions, aspects of medicine and healing traditions, and has been shown have a positive impact on our health.

How to do it?

Use your UW Email to access this form. Fill out your personal message and the name and address of the person you’d like your card sent to and we will mail it out!

Additional Readings on the benefits of Gratitude:

This postcard was designed for our 2019 Gratitude Postcard Event