What is it?

The Body Project is a 4 week evidence-based program designed to increase body acceptance and decrease body dissatisfaction. It is run as a group where we confront, discuss, and fight against appearance ideals pressed upon us by society and social media.

The Body project is FREE and offered by a collaboration from UW LiveWell and the UW Counseling Center. This group is facilitated by trained Peer Health Educators from UW LiveWell and by clinicial staff from UW Counseling Center. This is NOT a therapy group; it is a prevention based educational group.

What is my commitment?

Participants engage in dialogue with each other in small groups of 6-8 people and are expected to attend all four sessions. Most groups have weekly 1 hour sessions for four weeks. There are “at-home exercises” participants are expected to complete on their own between sessions, that we then share and discuss in group. We ask that all members speak in group and take up space, as our shared reflections and engagement build the strength of the group.

Who is this for?

Anyone experiencing body dissatisfaction (which we know is the majority of adults). If you feel that your relationship with your body could be better, then this group is for you!

83% of women and 74% of men report being dissatisfied with how their bodies look, and for younger adults it’s 86% of those aged 18-34 that report dissatisfaction. Source

What is the More than Muscles group?

More than Muscles is our male-identifying Body Project group. We recognize that body dissatisfaction can impact people differently depending on their gender. We’ve created More than Muscles to be a space for men led by male facilitators. Male students are also welcome to join our All Genders group.

How do I sign-up?

Use the link below to sign-up for a Body Project group in Autumn Quarter 2024. We are planning to host an all genders group, two women’s group, and a More than Muscles men’s group.

Are groups filled up? Would next quarter work better? Add your name to our future interest list and we will contact you when new groups are added.

Schedule Body Project Here

Questions? Email bodyproject@uw.edu