Face Your Fears Zoom Workshop – October 26th at 12pm EST

Register for the zoom workshop here. (Use UW Net ID)

Everyone experiences fear, it’s a normal part of being human. How we use that fear determines it’s impact on our mental health. At this workshop with Jen Laxague, Assistant Director of UW LiveWell & Campus Health Promotion, you will learn strategies for examining and managing fear with more awareness and intention. With the right tools, fear can be a helpful teacher in our lives to help us grow.

2nd Annual Face Your Fears Wall in Odegaard Library Monday, October 24th – Friday, October 28th.

Stop by whenever you have time for the self-paced, interactive exhibit (and scan the QR code to win a portable Wick Lantern Light or another one of our prizes!)

Face Your Fears – All Hallow’s Eve event (Image from our first FYF Wall in 2019)

This interactive exhibit is set up in the Library for the last week of October for you to walk through at your own pace. It involves some therapeutic and thoughtful exercises that ask participants to examine their fears with compassion, and also reflect on how courage is a behavior (rather than a fixed character attribute) that they can practice in response to their fears. The exhibit grows as more folks add to it, normalizing that we all have fears and that we all make choices of courage in our every-day life.