The LiveWell Student Needs Navigator serves as a bridge between students and resources (both on and off campus) to address basic needs insecurities impacting low-income students. The Student Needs Navigator works closely with on-campus partners like Financial Aid, Student Fiscal Services, Hall Health, the UW Food Pantry, HFS and others. UW students who are struggling with basic needs resources are eligible to work with the Student Needs Navigator for free (please note: out of state and international students are limited in what resources they are eligible for according to Washington State Law). The Navigator does not have independent resources to address needs or concerns but can help you connect with the services and programs that may benefit your individual situation.

The Student Needs Navigator can assist with resources Washington State students may need in these areas:

  • Housing (Non-HFS housing)
  • Food
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare/health insurance
  • Technology

Who do we work with:

Currently enrolled UW students experiencing basic needs insecurities who are low-income.

The Navigator does NOT work with:

  • Cash funds- we do not have access to funds that can be deposited into individual’s account
  • Emergency Housing changes in HFS–> HFS can help you navigate these requests
  • Psychiatric or psychological referrals for mental health treatment
  • Alcohol or Substance Use referrals –> instead, schedule with the AOD coordinator
  • Suicide Prevention referrals –> instead, schedule with the LiveWell SIP (Suicide Intervention Program) Coordinator

How do I schedule?

First step is to fill out this form. The form gives us the necessary information we need to prepare the appropriate resources and referrals. After you fill out the form, you will be emailed a copy of your responses. Forward this email to and we will respond with scheduling information.