Peer Health Educator

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel, I use she/her pronouns and am currently a fourth year majoring in Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health with a minor in Education, Learning, and Society. While I am still figuring out what my future holds, I feel really proud when I am able to explore new opportunities to learn more about myself, which ultimately lead me to working at LiveWell as a Peer Health Educator! As an out of state student, I have recognized the challenges of trying to figure out what you want to do with your life while also trying to balance taking care of yourself and your well-being. While this transition may be scary with all the uncertainty, I also found it very exciting! Working as a Peer Health Educator  has allowed me to gain many valuable skills and resources that have been helpful to nurture my health and well-being as I go through this journey myself. I get very excited when I am able to engage with my community and share everything I have learned with my fellow peers! Since UW is a very big school, it can be overwhelming to know what resources are available to you, so I look forward to connecting with you and bridging the gap so we can learn with each other!

Alongside my role as a Peer Health Educator, I have loved serving as a Peer Wellness Coach. My coaching style is based in the importance of asking good questions and practicing effective listening in order to best support you. I believe it is important to remember that every person approaches the world with their unique values, beliefs, and background, which is going to affect the way they interact with themselves and others. We can use these unique aspects of ourselves to focus on our strengths, and harness them to make intentional changes that serve our goals and health. My style is very strengths-based and helping you build skills to succeed both here at UW and in your life beyond here!