Peer Health Educator

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel, I use she/her pronouns and I am going into my third year at UW. I am studying Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health and also minoring in Education, Learning, and Society. I enjoy spending my time outside by going on walks or listening to music/making playlists! One of my core values is being a lifelong learner. We have the opportunity to learn something new from every opportunity we have, as well as to learn from the people in our lives. I became a peer health educator because I love to learn about mindfulness, health, and well-being. Since I started working I have gained countless skills that I have been able to use to nurture my health and well-being. I have also learned about different resources that are available across campus, and believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn about all of these resources.  I recognize that UW is a very big school and it can be overwhelming to know where to go, so I get excited when I am able to connect to other students on campus and learn with each other!