Peer Health Educator

Hi everyone! My name is Meheq (meh-heck) and I use she/her pronouns. I am currently in my sophomore year studying Public Health. If I have any free time, you will probably find me painting, at a cafe, or spending time with my friends. You may also find me promoting health and wellbeing and spreading awareness as a Peer Health Educator! As a PHE, I hope to be a part of improving our wellness systems and work on being a supportive and authentic model for others. Health and well-being are fundamental to our physical health, productivity, academic performance, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. But, a healthy balanced lifestyle looks different for each of us. Learning what values, goals, and habits align with our mind and body isn’t a static destination, it’s a constant journey. We are all on a journey of lifelong learning, continually evolving as we learn from our experiences and relationships. I am greatly looking forward to continue my journey as a PHE, raising awareness, creating comfortable and open spaces, and being a supportive model for others!