Peer Health Educator

Hi ! My name is Maddy Thomas, I prefer she/her pronouns, and I am an undergraduate student here at UW. I am studying microbiology and am hoping to go into the healthcare field with my focus currently set on studying optometry. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends as much as possible, as well as getting outside to hike, boat, and generally just enjoy what nature has to offer!  In addition to being a peer health educator at Livewell, I am also a peer wellness coach.

I greatly value the fostering of development and personal responsibility, so I hope to not only help guide peers and bring attention to topics that need to be addressed but also be a student myself throughout my time, as being a lifelong learner is a value I hold highly. I want to give all huskies the tools they need to feel comfortable living on campus and being a young adult, as well as aid them in figuring out healthy ways to cope and navigate new circumstances. 

As a peer wellness coach, my goal is to create a space where you can feel comfortable to examine your life and what might be challenging you or hindering your ability to thrive how you wish to- I want to be able to talk with you through obstacles you might be experiencing and structure a plan and ways in which you can be the most successful you can be in terms of relationships, confidence, stress management, and beyond. My biggest objective is to lend a hand, a listening ear as you guide the conversation and provide what you need with questions or space to think, as I believe reflection and coming to conclusions on your own terms is what is the most powerful in terms of implementing long-lasting change.