Peer Health Educator

My name is Laila (she/her). I’m endlessly fascinated by the human mind and behavior which led me to study psychology and diversity at UW and eventually become a PHE. Being a Peer Health Educator has allowed me to embrace the beauty of perspective! All of our diverse lived experiences have lent us valuable insight and I treasure any opportunity to learn from my peers. As an international student, I strive to bring cultural and global awareness to my work as a PHE. I hope I can use my time in this position to enhance mental and physical well-being on campus and guide students in incorporating healthy habits into daily life. I believe in leading with empathy and respect and embracing every day with gratitude and presence. I deeply value the power of continuously seeking knowledge and new experiences, even at the price of discomfort, as this is how we evolve and flourish. That is one of the greatest dimensions of PHE work; we are encouraged to constantly grow which has challenged me and broadened my mind.