Peer Health Educator

Hi! I’m a psychology student going into my fourth year. When I’m not studying, I love trying new restaurants in Seattle, going to concerts, and working out at the IMA. My guilty pleasures include trying new recipes as a form of procrastination and having solo dance parties when I’m home alone. I’ve been working at LiveWell for 2 years. I love this work because it’s helped me embrace the beauty of perspective! All of our diverse lived experiences have lent us valuable insight and I treasure any opportunity to learn from others. As an international student, I strive to bring cultural and global awareness to my work as a Peer Health Educator. I believe in leading with empathy and respect and embracing every day with gratitude and presence. I deeply value the power of continuously seeking knowledge and new experiences, even at the price of discomfort. That’s how we grow!

As a Peer Wellness Coach, I am deeply intrigued by the unique qualities and experiences of all individuals. Having grown up in 5 different countries across the Middle East, East Asia, and North America, my coaching style is culturally informed by those experiences. Fluent in Arabic, I welcome any students interested in integrating Arabic into our coaching sessions. A cornerstone of my coaching style is to empower you by honoring your strengths and embracing your unique story. Your journey towards well-being is as unique as you are and I am devoted to understanding and supporting each person’s path towards holistic well-being because everyone’s journey looks different! Together, we’ll harness your strengths and craft strategies that resonate with your experiences, values, and goals. Your voice matters to me and I want to ensure that our work together reflects your authentic self. Your journey towards change is driven by your own agency and resilience, and I’m here to champion your ability to thrive. I’m here not only to listen to you but also to help you recognize the incredible power within yourself. I look forward to connecting with you!