Peer Health Educator

Hello! I am Cristian. I am a junior undergraduate studying Psychology. After graduation, I hope to get into medical school to continue learning about health and our brain! As a transfer student/commuter with a “nontraditional” student story, I understand that everyone’s paths are different, and that there is no one single path to success. We all have our own story to tell and are on a journey to continue adding to it. I believe we all have the amazing ability to adapt, learn and excel in environments if given the right tools. As a PHE, I will aim to promote well-being and always strive to deliver evidence based tools to help Huskies find their path at UW. After completing my first quarter at UW, I would say I definitely felt nervous being at such a massive campus. However, I learned that having grace, honesty and being authentic will get you far when it comes to building relationships with other students and professors. Never underestimate what truth and compassion can do for others. My favorite people to spend time with are my life-long friends, family and my two German Shepherds back home! I also enjoy runs, exploring new cafes, and going to the gym. Some TV shows I watch are House M.D. and Modern Family.

As a Peer Wellness Coach, I am excited to help students with any goals that they have. I intend to facilitate a space to work on personal change and self-development by listening and having a collaborative approach to find what works best for the student. In college, we are all finding ourselves and wanting to find a place where we can be ourselves. Sometimes this can be confusing on how to start. I have lived in Mexico and the U.S. which has provided me with experiences and insights on how to assimilate into new cultures while still being true to myself. I hope to be a helpful guide in this process by being able to provide well-researched tools and by discussing options on moving forward. By finding inspiration in the endless possibilities of tomorrow, each person can use their unique strengths and assets to find a better sense of self, relationships(romantic or platonic)and community. My coaching style is centered around curiosity and active listening to be able to ensure that we are moving forward with the goals in mind. I wish to be able to empower students on their self-development journey and I am excited to serve UW! 

Fluent in Spanish, I welcome any students interested in integrating Spanish into our coaching sessions.