Amanda Myhre

Student Care Coordinator

Amanda Myhre has been the Student Care Coordinator at Livewell (formerly Health & Wellness) since it was formed in late 2007, working directly with students affected by a variety of issues impacting their ability to be successful at UW – including the loss of family members, housing or food insecurity, financial issues, and other concerns that are in getting in the way of student success.  Amanda works to navigate campus systems (like Financial Aid and Housing & Food Services), connect students with necessary and appropriate resources (like Disability Resources for Students, counseling and advising), and helps students decide next steps. Like all of the programs in Livewell, Amanda uses strategic outreach to connect to students in need of assistance who may be identified by campus partners.

Before Livewell was created, Amanda worked for the Vice President for Student Affairs (now Student Life) beginning in 1998 through late 2007, where she worked with many campus partners and with many of the offices she works closely with in Livewell. After 20 years of working with UW students, Amanda knows this University better than most!