Peer Health Educator

Hi all! My name is Keith Sanderson and I am excited to be one of your outstanding Peer Health Educators this year! I am finishing my senior year in Biology and preparing for a future in medicine/healthcare. When not working on school, research (check out the glymphatic system!!!), or advocating for climate health, I love to spend time with family and friends walking and running the Burke Gilman trail, playing any sport (except dance) at the IMA, and enjoying Seattle’s restaurants and cloudy weather (I grew up in the Arizona desert:)! As a PHE, I learn all about holistic health and well-being and what that means, how to get there, and how to maintain this state. All knowledge we are trained on supports students on their journey through college and beyond. My favorite part is that we are able to give you strategies that you can use in your day-to-day to nurture your well-being, whether that includes ways to sleep better, tips for success in your first year, and debunking myths. I especially enjoy using skills like getting outside (and dressing for it) and creating comfort inside to thrive during our cloudy winters! Providing this type of evidence-based knowledge is the best way to support ourselves! I look forward to interacting discussing, and learning about y’all this upcoming year! Go Dawgs!