The LiveWell Alcohol and Other Drugs Coordinator is a professional staff member available to work 1-1 with students around alcohol and other drugs. All appointments are free to UW Seattle students and can be scheduled below.

Alcohol and/or Other Drug Consultations

Alcohol and/or Other Drug Consultations are for anyone who wants to learn more and reflect on their individual consumption behaviors of alcohol or other substances. Students can learn how college drinking norms or other substance use relates to their own individual behavior. Meetings incorporate information about use patterns, individual drinking cues, harm reduction skills, impacts on academics and athletic performance, strategies for relaxation and stress management, as well as resources for those interested in abstinence. To make a private, free appointment with the AOD Coordinator click below:

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If you are being referred to meet with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Coordinator by Community Standards & Student Conduct, please schedule below:

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Recovery Services

If you are looking for support and skills to begin or continue your recovery journey from alcohol and/or other substances, our AOD Coordinator can meet with you as a supportive and educational source of support and coaching.

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