Peer Health Educator

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m going into my 2nd year at UW, and I’m a stationery lover, rock music enthusiast, and cello player. I also enjoy learning new skills and strategies through books, podcasts, and YouTube tutorials on topics ranging from productivity to music production! I became a peer health educator because I am a strong advocate of the growth mindset, and I believe that the education of personal improvement can greatly enhance one’s well-being. I also believe that learning what causes growth in ourselves is the first stepping stone to creating change all around us on a widespread level. To me, well-being includes strengthening the abilities to reflect on ourselves, practicing forgiveness and compassion of self to combat the mistakes and challenges we face in life, and developing the patience and drive for self-growth against the strongest of cognitive distortions. My biggest strength has to be persistence. I built my persistence through learning how to think past my labels and flourishing areas of growth once considered my “weaknesses.” The road to get where I am as a leader, student, and person has been full of twists and turns, but no matter the obstacle, I always pull through, practicing self-awareness through reflection and looking out for ways I can grow. My COVID resilience routine consists of running a hour a day, writing affirmations every morning I wake up for my summer classes, and journaling daily. (If you’d like me to rephrase or correct anything, please tell me to do so!)