Peer Health Educator

Hello Huskies New and Old, my name is Matthew, or Matt, and I use he/his pronouns. I am currently taking the third year of my coursework here at UW and spend lots of my time devoted to my bioengineering classes, research and field-related RSO’s. I love being outside and around nature and have been working my way through Washington’s hardest and most scenic heights this summer. I became a Peer Health Educator because I believe in cultivating culture based on awareness of how our actions and the world effect ourselves and others. To me, well-being is trying to personify the best of yourself and your habits but having the grace to accept who you are. I have a quite a bit of patience which has really come in handy these last couple months of isolation and shifting plans. I believe having the state-of-mind to just see how things turn out, while still prioritizing what matters, will help people stay afloat in our current times. I suggest finding a productive hobby: in my house, everyone is teaching someone else something so I trying to learn how to be a better cook. Fingers crossed.