Peer Health Educator

Hi, my name is Kaycie (she/her), and I’m entering my 3rd year at UW. I love to learn about music and food, and with all this extra time at home, I’ve been able to explore new artists and genres and try out some exciting (and sometimes bizarre) recipes that I randomly find on TikTok and Pinterest. As college students, it is so easy to get caught up in trying to juggle multiple responsibilities at once, that we tend to let our health fall astray in the midst of trying to find a balance. I became a Peer Health Educator, as I believe that it is important to normalize discussions regarding the health-related challenges that many of us experience and to promote healthy habits that we can incorporate into our daily routines to improve our overall well-being. In my perspective, being in a state of well-being means that you are confidently in tune with your core values and ambitions, relationships with others, as well as how you feel you feel about yourself and your position in the world. I have recently come to value awareness and the significance of having a growth mindset. Awareness is especially important after going through a challenging patch in life, as you can reflect upon your approach to a situation and think about what you’ve learned and how you can grow or improve from that experience. During COVID, something that has helped me practice resilience is getting out of the house and being outdoors. Whether it was through hiking, exploring local lakes and parks, or going berry-picking, I have grown to appreciate the beauty of nature as it gives a sense of serenity and encouragement amidst these uncertain times.

As a Peer Wellness Coach, I hope to be able to serve as a guide in your journey towards enhancing your well-being. One of my core values is leading with intention, and I hope to utilize a strengths-based approach to help you discover your potential and learn how to utilize your core strengths and values as tools for personal growth and nurturing.