Peer Health Educator

Hey Dawgs! My name is Justen and I prefer he/him pronouns. I am going into my fourth and final year here at UW where I am studying biology physiology. I really love learning about how the human body works and all the physiological systems at work in our bodies. I became a Peer Heath Educator because I wanted to help educate other students on health and wellness. College can be a very tough time and it is really important to know how to take care of yourself not only physically but also mentally and psychologically. I see well-being and health in four domain; physical, mental, psychologically, spiritually. Each is well balanced and there is not one that is getting more attention than the others. I feel like I’m good at moving through difficult situations and persevering. I’ve learned how to manage stress and keep moving forward. I also am aware when I need to take breaks as well. Something that helped me practice resilience during COVID has been journalling. I often feel like I have a lot on my mind that I would normally walk down the hall and tell my housemate, but not readily able to do so anymore. Journaling has allowed me to get out my thoughts and is something I can look back through after all this is over (hopefully soon!)