Peer Health Educator

Hi, my name is Harjot (har-joe-t) and I use he/him pronouns. I am an undergraduate here at UW studying History & Social Studies! I plan on getting my Masters in education and becoming a high-school teacher with a focus on history from a non-white perspective, all the while adding more diversity to our teaching force. In my free time I love to go mountain biking, grab coffee at a local cafe, or drive around listening to music. One of my main goals as a Peer Health Educator is to help you become resilient, through evidence based knowledge and effective skills, alongside a *spice* of empowerment. I know that in Asian and brown communities, our mental health is often ignored and looked down upon as a topic of discussion, but I want to make sure that we know the warning signs of a depleting mental health, and what we can do to change that, as well as the resources available across campus, designed specifically for us. It’s important that we take care of all aspects of our health, as our mental and physical well being are so closely connected.

“Admire the cracks in your life, they’re the ones that let in light” ~ Anonymous