Peer Health Educator

Hey! My name is Harjot (har-joe-t) and I use he/him pronouns. I am a third year student studying History with a minor in Labor Studies! I plan on getting my Masters in teaching and becoming a high-school instructor with a focus on history from a non-white perspective. In my free time I love to go mountain biking, grab coffee at a local café, or drive around listening to music. One of the reasons I became a Peer Health Educator is to help build resiliency through evidence based knowledge and effective skills to help empower us in becoming the best version of ourselves. I know that in Asian and brown communities, our mental health is often ignored and looked down upon as a topic of discussion, but I want to make sure that we are aware of the warning signs of a depleting mental health, and have access to different skills to help catch it and make the changes we desire. 

As a Peer Wellness Coach I am excited to have the opportunity to work one on one with students on a plethora of topics of their choosing! Peer Wellness Coaching allows us to navigate through difficulties we may be facing, and work towards setting goals that feel in reach. Not to mention that you get insightful value from a fellow student. Through my upbringing as a Punjabi American, it has been a lifelong philosophy to ensure that everyone feels heard, and is given a safe space to talk about what is on their mind. I want to create an environment where students feel empowered to open forms of communication, can navigate through difficult conversations/situations, and feel a sense of satisfaction and positivity through their accomplishments. Everyone has a history full of unique stories and struggles that define who we are, and everyone deserves the right to share it. 

I am also fluent in Punjabi and welcome any student interested in integrating Punjabi into our sessions.