Peer Health Educator

Hi fellow Huskies, I am Emil Talerman. I am going into my 3rd year at the University of Washington majoring in Public Health (BS). Both inside and outside of the classroom, I am very interested in the study of sociology and human interaction. I also enjoy any form of history, whether it be the history of different cultures or a local fast food chain such as Dick’s Burgers. I wanted to become a Peer Health Educator because college is a very stressful environment. Personally, I was overwhelmed during my first two quarters at UW and I started creating some very bad habits. I was not sleeping enough, I was not getting outside, I was not doing anything outside of school that I enjoyed, and thus, I was not happy. What I find rewarding about being in the position that I am in now is that I can help my peers grow into happier and healthier students and members of the UW community. Individual well-being is being able to understand one’s self and find compassion within themselves. Personally, I struggled with my sense of self entering a new environment and lifestyle when moving to UW. A strength that I have is the ability to seek help when times are tough. Rather than bottle up my thoughts and emotions I have a very supportive family and friends that I can express all of my thoughts and feelings to. What has continued to keep me resilient during COVID was exercising. My favorite exercise is a relaxing jog through nature. Jogging for me is a time that I can unplug from my devices and listen to myself breathe and while it is energizing my body, it calms my mind.