Peer Health Educator

Hi y’all! My name is Elise and I use she/ her pronouns. I’m a junior here studying public health on the pre-med track. In my spare time I love reading, watching Netflix (my latest binge has been Manifest), and having jam sessions with my sister! I became a peer health educator to gain the skills needed to promote a more positive campus atmosphere- which is even more critical in such unprecedented times! What I found rewarding about this job is that while I was learning how to ensure my fellow peers’ well-being, I learned many new skills that I could apply to my personal life. These are especially useful when handling the daily stressors which come with living on my own in a new city, across the country from my amazing family and two fluffy, adorable pups. To me, well-being is a lifestyle in which you both physically and emotionally have the strength to overcome life’s obstacles with a growth mindset. Having good health and well-being means that you implement self-care habits into your daily routine and surround yourself with people who support you. A strength of mine is taking a mindful approach to life. When times are tough, it helps me to remain calm, take deep breaths, and look towards solutions rather than dwelling on the problems. This approach has helped me realize that I simply have no control over certain issues, and instead of stressing about them, I should focus on what I can change. Some things that have helped me practice resilience during COVID and now that I am back on campus, have been joining clubs that are meaningful to me, face-timing family, meeting up with old friends (safely), and remembering to self-reflect at the end of the day.

My love for meeting new people and cultivating overall well-being, has been nurtured in my two years as a PHE and first year as a Peer Wellness Coach. This job has given me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and values, and challenged me in ways that helped me grow as a critical thinker. At LiveWell we never stop learning, which is very convenient considering  I have an endless thirst for knowledge. I am curious about anything and everything- which structures my PWC appointments 🙂 I believe in the power of asking good questions,  to help you make meaningful reflections, so that we can bolster your confidence in achieving your goals. That said, a healthy balance of questions and embracing the silence is also important. You guide the sessions, and I lend an ear- occasionally speaking up to help steer you in the direction of effective change that aligns with your internal goals, values, and beliefs. Health is not always easy to conceptualize and life can throw unexpected curveballs at us- and sometimes we don’t know who to turn to for support. I am here as a trained peer to offer the skills that will empower you to take control over your choices and resiliently cope with life’s hardships.