Peer Health Educator

Hey! My name is Ben, and I use He/Him pronouns. I am a 3rd year, international student, and I have a deep interest in understanding data and the mind (preferrably both). I joined up as a PHE as, frankly, I felt that there wasn’t that much attention paid to peoples mental and emotional health, and I wanted to do my part to contribute. That journey is made all the better by the amazing co-workers and professional staff at LiveWell; its an environment where one can really feel comfortable. For me, well-being is having just that; a very strong, connected and educated social network that you can depend on for whatever you might need to stay healthy in every respect; be it motivation to go on a jog, or a listening ear when you have trouble. A strength I am most dependent on is an ability to very completely empathize with others; it gives me a lot of context to their experiences and helps me contextualize my own. During this difficult time, my most valuable resilience technique would perhaps be crafting; it allows me to disconnect from the swirling realities, even if just for a moment, and focus on making something beautiful in the world.