Anna R

Peer Health Educator

Hi! My name is Anna (Ah-na), I use she/her pronouns, and I will be a junior this year! I am boundlessly curious about how language and representation affects our relationship with the world, which is probably why I’m majoring in English! I’m also super passionate about education and music (spec. the jazz flute)! Originally, I wanted to be a PHE because I was frustrated about the abhorrent lack of health education outside of basic P.E. in school systems, a time so valuable for adolescent emotional and physical growth. The latter is still true, but through my trainings and learnings last year, my understanding of health education completely evolved. This year, especially with everyone challenged by difficult and new circumstances, I’m grateful to again wield a position where I can help others and, in the process, help myself. Another ever-evolving idea, right now, well-being means resiliency. Historically, for me, being healthy has meant being normal—a lack of extreme physical and mental faults. Now I recognize that health is so much more subjective. I consider health a measurement of how supported and empowered one is to respond to challenges. A value I hold close is probably the importance of ambiguity, which has helped me grapple with complex ideas and truths in PHE work. Something that has helped me practice resiliency during COVID is recognizing when I’m struggling to meet my own definition of health, and then considering how to gain support or empowerment in order to regain confidence in my resiliency (or at least a separation of my struggles and my worth). Listening to music has also been incredibly helpful!